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Love it. This is a great game, very fresh and original. The gameplay is fun and very exciting. I just don't like how it doesn't save how far you've gotten if you stop part way through and quit.

Joelasticot responds:

It should save your progress after every purchase or every level completed. If it isn't, maybe it's because your flash cookies are taking all their allowed space... dunno


I love this game, It's very simple yet very fun and unique. It's funny I'm currently developing a game a lot like this and with a similar 8 bit kind of art style. The game mechanics are a bit different but very similar. Great Game though

It's ok

It's a good concept, and I see lots of potential for this game. One thing that I noticed was that many times the squares would go right through the paddle...

xhunterko responds:

"would go right through the paddle"

Umm, umm, uh, its a feature! Yeah, that's it!

Kidding aside, yeah, I'm not sure exactly when that happens. If I were to pinpoint that, then I might be able to fix it. That's also on the list to be fixed. Glad you enjoyed it!


That was very fun! and I liked the music too. I liked the whole evolution concept as well. It took me a while to win, but once I bought that supersoldier I won immediatly

Very good

I like this game a lot. very simple and fun. art and animation were awesome too. I knew this was going to get front page when I beta tested it.

It's a good concept...

but the graphics are what really need work, and the selection is kinda boring, I understand that this really is a test so not much is expected, Newgrounds generally isn't the place to posts tests.


Very cool. I like the gamplay, and the graphic style was cool. When hitting something with the club the club didn't always move. Also what's supposed to happpen when you press F at that one spot, is there supposed to be a brigde or something, because if so It doesn't seem to be working. But it could have done something else but I'm just an idiot.

Very fun!

This game was great I had fun. The animation sounds and graphics were beautiful. And the gameplay was awesome


Who knew hangman could be so fun. I like the fact that there are so many different deaths. The animation and graphics were great! I found that the time limit made it very hard, but that's necessary for the extreme factor, plus te deaths are just so cool.

Very cool..

took me a while to figure out what to to click but I eventually beat it. The visual aspects of this game were very good as well!

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