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Zombies Zombies Zombies....

Posted by VPcomics - April 3rd, 2011

I finally decided to make a story book. I teamed up with Coral Melnyk to write a fantastic story. I should have known it would end up being about zombies! Of course that does make it that much better. This will be an all ages story book about a family of zombies. I will be doing to the artwork while Coral will be focused more on the story, of course we are collaborating and working together the whole time.
We should be releasing a digital copy of the story book in approximately a month's time for 2$ a piece and 25% will be going to charity to help support Japan. So make sure you buy a copy!
I have been looking into publishing and printing and all that stuff for the hardcover version. We will be releasing the hardcover a bit after the digital copy, it may be a special edition.

Overall I'm very excited about this project and think it will turn out great! i'll be posting updates on my blog vanionparadis.blogspot.com , you can also access it through motionlessporcupine.co.nr

Furthermore I have been working with a guy I used to work in retail with on a game where you play as zombie. We are starting an indie game development company, and are developing this awesome zombie game. We are working as a small team of only four so far, Art Direction by me, and we have a great musician on board for audio work. This is going to be in development for a long time as we all have other jobs and schooling but we all seem to be very involved in this project. I'll post future updates as I do concept art or get news, for now just expect an awesome zombie game with grappling, brain eating, face eating, carnie freak frenzies, government extermination, and hell on earth fun to eventually arrive on XBLA!

Lots of Zombie projects I know but hey.. who doesn't like zombies.
Here's something I just whipped up in the spirit of zombies.

Zombies Zombies Zombies....


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